We provide consulting services to manage, develop and issue solutions for brand strategy and intellectual property integration.
Our focus of support concentrates on experiential environments for ideal guest applications for new and existing properties.
Our experience has stretched across the globe in many formats of brand presence with major companies. This service is also consistent with theme design, providing an
immersive experience for guest engagement.

We provide solutions for:

Theme Parks
Brand and IP based expansions, attraction design and entertainment, way-finding, environmental graphics, signage

Brand and IP based amenities, guest activity areas, way-finding, environmental graphics, signage

Brand and IP based themed gift shops and apparel outlets, souvenir and food & beverage carts, fixture design, product and media integration, signage

Brand and IP based themed content and environmental graphics, signage

Brand and IP based venues, walk through experiences and interactive exhibits, displays & casework design

Events and Promotions
Brand and IP based exhibits, POP displays, pop-up shops, trade show booths, kiosks, displays & casework design


Providing logical solutions in short time is the dominant aspect of our service. Our years of experience working directly with executives and corporate teams allows us to understand your needs and expectations with projects large and small. We can drastically reduce your need and expense for a large team of resources and work to attain hired staff. With coordinated communication, it is our policy to be engaged with you to understand your target needs. We can work with you in-house or remotely depending on what best suits the project.

We work with you to develop your project through collaboration management, combining established criteria for the project with your brand and IP and follow through in providing support elements to establish a design approach with your team.


Creative Strategy & Project Management

Consultation, Development
Creative Direction
Art Direction



Concept Design
3D Models & Renderings
Graphic Design
Drawings, Plans & Elevations
Design Intents (Show Set & Graphics)
Presentation Documents