• Spiderman

    The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman – Islands of Adventure, Universal Florida


    While engaged with Universal Creative as a consultant in 2011, many projects crossed my desk. These projects varied from renovations to completely new projects. Working with the group of executives in the “blue-sky” development level, every day was usually a different chain of events.

    In August 2011 I was approached to develop the additional renovation areas on the Spiderman attraction located at Marvel Universe area of the Islands of Adventure park at the Universal Studios Florida resort. While a portion of the team was in the process of getting the HD transfer produced for all the new media, I was making way in updating the environment and exterior facade. This included the overall updating of the themed Daily Bugle offices, queue line route, a new color treatment to the facade, lobby and photo-op area. Additionally I was asked to produce various fixtures and cabinetry to update the theme work. Some of these components were functional pieces such as a custom cart for holding 3D glasses as well as a stationary prop desk and wall features. Daily Bugle newspaper pages were also selected from the archive of graphics available to use for the walls enclosing the queue line. The facade design was given a new color palette for an updated presence for the exterior entrance.

    Drawings were produced using the original source material for the existing areas throughout the facility. A set of plans with revised and new elevations as well as construction drawings were produced to guide the team for the scope of work for the renovation.


    Before and after image of the marquee with images of the casework developed for carting the 3D glasses received from the wash room.


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