• Sketchbook

    Provided here are various sketches produced by hand and digitally.



    Shipwreck Shore. Concept Design for Theme Park Show Building. Pirate Fortress assembled from Shipwrecks. Conceptual drawing for theme park show building produced by Shapestorm’s founder Bryan Ebenhoch in early 2017.

    DESERT-PALACE-CONCEPT-EBENHOCH-2017Concept for branded resort hotel. 3D software and Photoshop





    Concepts for comedy club. These are samples of digital sketches combining 3D software with Photoshop. To get the overall look of a marker rendering and to achieve the technical details, brush sets were developed for Photoshop to mimic wet markers. Producing these sketches digitally were a fast alternative to traditional hand-produced art.
    render copy

    Concept for workbench with integrated tool system.
    Render2 copyConcept for media wall storage unit.

    SKETCHBOOK-02A hand produced sketch from 2001 depicting a theme design for a seafood restaurant lobby.
    SKETCHBOOK-01A hand produced sketch from 2010 for a theme park show pitch for SeaFormers.

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