• Nickelodeon Cafe

    Nickelodeon Cafe – Parque de Atracciones de Madrid


    In early 2014, while engaged with the Nickelodeon Experience Design team, I completed the design for the Nickelodeon Cafe theme concept as a modeled 3D rendering after three days invested in developing a solution to represent the brand. Opening in May 2014, the dining facility is now part of the Nickelodeon Land expansion now present in Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.

    To produce a themed environment to fit within the budget allowance, the design was developed to feature components in abstract form rather than fully-sculpted elements. Hence, both designs included the column overlays in a “layered” composition to reduce the scope of the fabrication process. The first concept included stylized trees as components to enclose the structural columns. Why trees? The park is situated within a national forest. This was an attempt to tie the branding to the facility in a regional capacity. While the trees were symbolic in representing the roots and growth of the various intellectual properties the brand has featured over the years, the leaf components represented retro television screens from the 1980′s to portray the networks growth from the first year of broadcast over 30 years ago. The graphic used on the wall was comprised of various characters from the many intellectual properties and was representative of a thick forest of heavy saturation giving the trees a contrasting backdrop. The barrier walls between the columns were in the design to represent placement for condiment stations.

    While working with Nickelodeon over many months to develop the company’s branding strategy when applied to environments, the two approaches of branding the environment were simplified in the thought process to develop a working solution in a minimal period of time.

    The process to develop the final design was also reduced by developing the idea, concept and final presentation design all while modeling the environment entirely in 3D software. The second of the two interior environments produced was chosen by Nickelodeon executives in New York after only three days dedicated to development to final design. The process of sketching ideas and illustrating a pitch concept was bypassed to meet the schedule requirements.

    NickCafeCAFE-18-WMThe second concept as shown in renders at the top and above with branding tied to the company’s current 2-dimensional style used to represent the “slime” featured throughout their broadcasting over the years beginning in their launch year.

    CAFE-B1CAFE-B2The first pass for the branding concept for the interior.

    NC-03NC-01The interior work in progress.






    Publicity images courtesy of Nickelodeon.