• Nickelodeon Design

    Architectural and Brand Experience Design Standards


    In 2013, a request was made by the Nickelodeon Experience Design team to develop a guide to outline the principle standards to steer the design process among contracted firms and in-house design resources. Shown above and below is a concept that I had produced in two days for a retail environment intended for use within the guide to relay the strategy for the branding of commercial spaces. This particular design concept had provisions for use of the brand signage and color applications, illuminated theme elements, custom modular fixtures and housing for media with large vertical video monitors.

    Developed with the Nickelodeon Experience Design team and contracted parties, this project was an exercise to establish the guiding design principles for architects, creative houses and licensees for the creation and construction of environments with the Nickelodeon brand and intellectual properties.

    This included a thorough evaluation of the current Nickelodeon Style Guide and was developed as a new resource for the company to clarify the application of the brand to existing and new facilities whether they are theme park developments, resorts or retail environments. A concept guide and outline of standards was developed for the integration of branded elements and intellectual properties for the guest experience. Provisions for the design & development process of the standards through meetings with contracted parties were also performed. A presentation with conceptual art and graphics were also developed to reference intended and potential applications.


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