• Ripley Entertainment

    Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
    Orlando, FL – Retail Store & Lobby


    In 2010 while engaged as a consultant with Ripley Entertainment, I was tasked to provide services to develop and design a remodel of the entrance lobby and retail area. The scope of work included working with Ripley Entertainment management and developing the designs utilizing AutoCAD, SketchUp and Photoshop to produce all the documentation for the remodel. This included working with contractors on site to complete the work over a period of 4 weeks. In addition to modeling the environment, planning the color palette and store layout, drawings were produced to build the fixtures, point of purchase counter, risers for the exhibits and trim elements.

    A New Environment

    RE-BION-01RE-BION-02RE-BION-06Images of the remodeled lobby and entry area.

    Design & Development

    S-RO-17S-RO-18BS-RO-19BS-RO-20BRendered images of the concept model developed for planning the interior.

    S-RO-15S-RO-16Model design work for the retail point of purchase station.

    In addition to modeling the cashier area in 3D software, I produced the production drawings to produce all the cabinetry in AutoCAD. These sheets were then issued to the contracted vendor for fabrication.

    Completed Retail Space

    RE-BION-04RE-BION-03RE-BION-05The completed retail area.

    S-RO-02The completed ticketing area with cashier station counter.

    RE-BION-08The new 70 inch monitor provided an ideal focal point for media upon entry to the lobby.


    A look at the space before and after shows the extent of the changes. The result was a dramatic increase in sales and employee motivation with the new integration of fixtures, lighting and workspace.

    S-RO-08S-RO-09Before and after images of the ticketing area lobby.

    S-RO-05Before and after images of the entrance turnstile and ADA pass gate.

    S-RO-11S-RO-04Before and after images of the POS counter.


    Project & Photography Credits: by Bryan Ebenhoch and Jimmy Doyle

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