Shapestorm LLC was founded by Bryan Ebenhoch in 2014 as a consulting resource providing creative strategy for corporations in the development of resorts, theme parks, attractions, retail, and restaurants primarily associated to brand and intellectual property. Shapestorm has provided services to focus on unique projects and the specific needs of clients in their dedication to projects that immerse their guests with memorable experiences and advanced interest with their brands and intellectual properties. Shapestorm’s service offerings in both design and management capacities have resulted in increased brand awareness through collaboration with clients and their intents.

As the Principal of Shapestorm LLC, Bryan has applied awarded performance with over 20 years of field experience in project management and design capabilities. He has issued deliverables for executives that enabled multi-million-dollar approvals on several projects, engaging with development teams to form resulting award-winning built-properties globally. Commonly working with aggressive schedules, he has maintained high standards in combining programming requirements and operational conditions to achieve project vision through team collaboration. You can find out more about Bryan’s projects with Shapestorm and related prior work at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanebenhoch/

Shapestorm closed its business operation in providing consultation services on June 30, 2019.